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Hi!!! *waves, waves* Shammy has moved on to Gundum Wing! *Cheers* As people from my other wen sites know, I'm probably only using up half the screen space. *blush* Well, can't be helped. I'm too lazy to actually work HTML anymore. It just takes too long to change the entire site. Sooo... I'm just jacking my uncle's web designer and working happier and with less stress since I'm make this web site *right now*, on Finals week.

My fav. character is Duo Maxwell.... (uh, YEAH, above pic. ^_~) And after reviewing a few of the coupling in GW, I came to the conclusion (something I usually don't do... @_@) that I'd rather support 1x2/2x1 than the other pairings. Why? Donno... chemistry, I guess. I always seem to do that. I can usually just find a pair and they just FIT. Well, 1x2 fits better than 1xR or 2xH, anyway. *cough, cough*

SOOOOO... what am I saying? Well, this'll be my first (maybe only, but who knows?) shounen ai / yaoi page. To be on the safe side, I'm sticking to shounen ai more. ^_^. Hey, I'm new at this okay? Maybe yaoi later. Gimme time.

Anyway, if you've been reading this, I'll have to tell you one more thing. You have to click on the kitten on the bottem to get in. Yeah, I'm doing that stupid thing too. But after complaining about people not putting up warning signs, I can't contradict what I say, can I?